The Horses

All the Horses at The Haven are Selected for their Ability to be Gentle and Connect Sensitively with Individuals.
Each One is Unique and Immensely Special .

She will connect with you and encapture your heart. Such a gentle girl.

​Behind his grand presence is a very intelligent horse who will connect with you, if you give him respect and work in partnership with him.

​Life is just such fun for this little girl and she has a lot of love to give.

A very wise boy who will sensitively tune into and repond to your emotions.
Once Branston learns to trust you, he will let you into his world and form a deep bond.

'Though I had very little experience with horses, I found them very gentle and well behaved throughout. I was amazed at what communicating with horses revealed to me....My therapist was excellent at guiding me through the different aspects of the therapy and reflecting what was happening as things came up. I highly recommend this therapy to all.'

'The beautiful surroundings and the calming effect of the horses has definitely made it easier for me to speak openly about anything that may be on my mind, be it past experiences, present situations or even fear about my future.'