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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Horses are naturally finely attuned to the energies around them to survive and protect each other in the wild. During the sessions the horses will connect with your energy and understand exactly how you are feeling; more than any words could express. The therapist supporting your session together with the horses, will help you to process past and present challenging times in a calm, safe and healing environment.

Interventions used will be adapted to support your specific requirements and what you enjoy doing. These creative, reflective and relational exercises connect with all of your senses, making them truly memorable and help support positive changes for you to carry through into your future.

equine therapy at the haven uk
"Though I had very little experience with horses, I found them very gentle and well behaved throughout. I was amazed at what communicating with horses revealed to me....My therapist was excellent at guiding me through the different aspects of the therapy and reflecting what was happening as things came up. I highly recommend this therapy to all."
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