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Abbie Harding

Equine Assisted Therapy - Children & Young People

MSc Social Work

LEAP Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy


DDP Level 1 practitioner, Counselling Level 2  


I joined The Haven in summer of 2020 and thoroughly enjoy being a part of young people’s journey’s through the work with the horses and small animals.


I have been working with young people for around 10 years and prior that I worked with adults both in the community and in residential homes, who experienced substance use, mental health and learning needs.

I am passionate about the benefits of therapeutic work with horses and small animals, supporting young people to build on their awareness of self, behaviour and responses drawing upon equine psychotherapy, mindfulness based practice, P.A.C.E and NVR approaches. Each session is individualized and child led. I advocate for openness and honesty to support conversations around challenging experiences.


My fields of experience are:

Low sense of self (esteem/confidence/worth)

Attachment and Trauma

Self harm


Learning diagnosis (autism/ADHD)

Children who have been fostered/adopted

Substance use 

Abbie Harding
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